Ownership Transfer of Vehicle in Bangalore

Many think the ownership transfer of vehicle as a nightmare. So they give that job to the agents who normally charges exorbitantly. If you know the procedure and the documents required for ownership transfer of your vehicle whether it is car/bike/scooter it is easy. And you can finish the process in one to two hours time.
Recently, I went to RTO in K R Puram, Bangalore to transfer the ownership of the scooter I bought. But I had to go twice, since I didn’t know the all the document required. So this is a procedure guide for those who want to do it directly whether it is car/bike

FORMS/ Documents Required for Bike/Scooter Transfer Bangalore

1) Form 29 in Duplicate. Download Form 29 Application for Ownership Transfer Here.
2) Form 30. Download Form 30 Application for Ownership Transfer Here
3) Original RC book ( Smart Card put in a plastic cover and staple it with the documents.)
3) B Extract from Original Registering Authority ( This you can get it from Bangalore One Centres by paying Rs.20)
4) Address Proof
5) Insurance Certificate ( Xerox Copy)
6) Pollution Under Control Certificate
7) Self Addressed Stamped Postal Cover
8) One Passport size photograph.

Procedure of Vehicle Ownership Transfer At K R Puram, RTO Bangalore

  1. Fill all the forms and with the documents, Keep it in a file with a tag. Go to Second Floor Room No S-3. Go to the 3rd person from your left as you enter. He/She will verify the documents and make a mark for data entry and fees to be paid. Then give that document to data entry operator who sits next to him.
  2. After data entry, go to ground floor and pay the fees at any of the fees counter and you will get the receipt. I paid Rs. 287 for Smart card and transfer fees.
  3. Then go G-1 in the ground floor to pay the smart card fees and get the receipt. Just walk in directly and pay Rs.74 and he will get the receipt. There will a long queue for bio metric/photograph for driving license.
  4. Tag the fees receipt/ smart card fee receipt along with other documents.
  5. Go to Second floor Room No S-3 and submit it to the first person on your left. After verification, they accept your application and will issue an acknowledgement Receipt.
  6. Within 30 days, the New RC Card will reach by Speed post.

It took around one and half hours ( Though I reached at 10.00 am . Many of the staff only reached by 10.30)

SBI Internet Banking Registration in Six Easy Steps

Internet Banking is now become essential after demonetisation announcement.

SBI offers internet Banking facilities through website or through mobile phones. To access that we need to first do the internet banking registration.

Here is the step by step tutorial for activating SBI internet Banking services.

First Step: Apply for Internet Banking Services.

To apply get the application from your SBI branch and fill it and submit it to the Bank. In the application, you need to put your phone number etc. Then you will be given a SBI Internet Banking Pre-Printed Kit. Inside the kit you will have the username and password. If the packet is tampered, please give it back and get a new one.

Second Step: Go to onlinesbi.com and login

Now you need to go to SBI online internet banking website https://www.onlinesbi.com/

State Bank of India Internet Banking website

Login using your username and password in your PrePrinted Kit
1) The first one is the username
2) The second one is the password.
If you done it correctly. It will login to the site. If you make mistakes three times in entering the username and password. It will automatically lock for a day. You can try again the next day.

Third Step: Enter a new username
The screen will require you to enter a new username.
Use a username which you can easily remember. You can check below link for its availability.
Please write it in a paper and type it in.

Fourth Step: Enter a new password
Enter a new password with Letter numerals and special characters. It should be more than 8 character length.Passwords are case sensitive so please write it in a paper and type it in.
Enter the same new password again.

Sixth Step: Enter a Profile password and Hint questions
This is also very important one.
So have a profile password of more than 8 character with letters, numerals and special characters.
Passwords are case sensitive so please write it in a paper and type it in.
Confirm by entering the same profile password again.
Select the question for hint answer
Enter your date of birth
Enter your place of birth
Enter your mobile number which you have given to your bank.

Great if you done everything correctly you see the message then you have done the SBI internet banking registration successfully. Now you can access internet banking and use it in your mobile app or website.

How to call toll free numbers in US from India freely?

call toll free numbers in US from India

I had some trouble with my Lenovo computer U530 touch laptop which was bought from US. So I called the Lenovo computer support in India but they said they willn’t service it here. So I had to call the toll free number customer support in the US.

Free toll numbers in US can only be called from the land line phone number in US. Though it is toll free,  when you call from India it will be charged. As you know when you call the customer support you have be on the phone for a long time. So if you call from normal phone it will cost lot of money.

So I searched a free option to make the calls to US toll free numbers.  I found that we can call many toll free numbers in the US and other countries using Skype freely. I called the customer support using Skype and spent almost half an hour. I saved  lot of money.

So Skype gives the option to call toll free numbers in France,Poland,UK, USA and Taiwan  from India free. The toll free number should begin with these numbers.

France: +33 800, +33 805, +33 809

Poland: +48 800
UK: +44 500, +44 800, +44 808
USA: +1 800, +1 866, +1 877, +1 888
Taiwan: +886 80

In order to make a free call in the Skype,

1)Select Call phones

2) select the country and type in the  toll free number and  call.

This is great help as you try to call the customer care support of different products which you have purchased in those countries.

Do you know any other way to make a free call?  Share it in comments and share this info with your friends.

Check your name in Telangana Voter id List Online తెలంగాణ ఓటరు ఐడి జాబితా

Telangana Election Commission Office website is functioning now and you can check your voters id details, check your name in the voters list, add/delete name in voters list, make correction in the voters id card and apply for voter id with photo through the website.
Here are the links and details
Telangana Election Commission Office website: http://ceotelangana.nic.in/
Check your name in Telangana Voters Id list here
Search your name in Voter list here
You can do Telangana voter id registration online here here. you also need to upload photos also.
If you want to make corrections in the voters id card. Go here
You can also search your voter id application status here
You can search your name in the MLC council for Graduates voters list here

CEO Telangana Call Centre Toll Free No -1950

22 Bank Phone numbers to know your bank balance with a missed call

What do you do if you want to know your bank balance?
Many now use mobile banking apps for knowing the balance. Though it is easy, you need to login to know it.
The other option is to use ATM to know the balance. But now, as many banks are restricting the usage of ATM to three to five times a month. And the extra ATM usages will be charged.
So don’t waste your money to know the bank balance. Now many banks have started a toll free phone number to know your balance by just sending a missed call.
You should use the phone which was registered with the banks. Once you give the miss call, you will receive the bank balance details as an SMS.

Here are the bank phone numbers to know your bank balance through missed call.
Bank Phone numbers to know bank balance
1. Axis bank – 09225892258
2. Andhra bank – 09223011300
3. Allahabad bank – 09224150150
4. Bank of baroda – 09223011311
5. Bhartiya Mahila bank – 09212438888
6. Dhanlaxmi bank – 08067747700
7. IDBI bank – 09212993399
8. Kotak Mahindra bank – 18002740110
9. Syndicate bank – 09664552255
10. Punjab national bank – 18001802222
11. ICICI bank – 02230256767
12. HDFC bank – 18002703333
13. Bank of india – 02233598548
14. Canara bank – 09289292892
15. Central bank of india – 09222250000
16. Karnataka bank – 18004251445
17. Indian bank – 09289592895
18. State Bank of india – Get the balance via IVR
1800112211 and 18004253800
19. union bank of india – 09223009292
20. UCO bank – 09278792787
21. Vijaya bank – 18002665555
22. Yes bank – 09840909000

SBI Credit card Balance SMS
Send SMS BAL XXXX to 5676791. XXXX is the last four digits of your Credit Card.

I got this info through What’s app, I thought of sharing it with my readers as well.

3 Ways to Get SBI Aadhaar number linked online for Gas Subsidy

Now you need to link aadhaar number to your bank accounts for gas subsidy. Now SBI is offering online linking for their accounts with aadhaar number.
In order to seed your aadhar number online you need to do two steps
1) Link your bank account with your aadhaar number either online or through SBI ATM
2) Then link your bank account with your LPG ID
or just submit the forms to the bank and the distributor they will link it for you.

First Step link SBI account to aadhaar number.

SBI online linking of aadhaar card number
First, login to your SBI account. Click on the Link your aadhaar no on the left side menu

aadhaar sbi linking
Secondly, Select your account no, then automatically the phone number will be added. This is the phone which you have already given to the bank. Then enter your aadhaar number two times. Be careful when you do that. Press Submit

sbi aadhaar gas link

Then you receive a message in your mobile that the request is made. Wait for few days and you will get the message that it is linked in your mobile. Then do the second step

Connecting Aadhaar number through SBI ATM
Go to any SBI ATM
And Swipe your ATM Card
Then click on Registration and then select Aadhaar Registration Enter your Aadhaar No and you will get the message in the mobile.

Second Step Link you SBI account with LPG Customer ID

After you got that message that your account is linked then again login to your SBI account
And click on the link to LPG Customer ID no.
sbi lpg customer id
Then select the account
The phone number will be automatically updated
Then enter your 17 Digit LPG Customer ID number.
You can get the 17 Digit ID from the gas bill or in the SMS received from gas agency or go to these links to find it
HP Gas Customer ID : http://dcmstransparency.hpcl.co.in/myHPGas/HPGas/FindYourLPGID.aspx
Bharat Gas Customer ID : http://my.ebharatgas.com/bharatgas/main.jsp?opt=about
Indane Gas Customer ID : http://indane.co.in/findlpgid.php
You will get a message in your mobile that it is sent for process. Wait for the confirmation message.

Submit the application forms directly to the SBI Bank and your distributor
1.Download the PAHAL (DBTL) FORM 1 for linking your bank account here and give it your bank
Documents to submit along with Bank linking
Filled Form
Copy of Aadhaar Card
2. Download the PAHAL (DBTL) FORM 2 here and give it to your distributor along with these documents.
Cancelled Cheque or photocopy of first page of your pass book
Aadhaar copy (if you have)
Your Gas bill

How will you get the gas subsidy?
Once you register, then you need to pay the full amount of the gas to the gas agency next time and the subsidy will be transferred to your bank account in two weeks time.

Share this information with your friends.

How to Write,Edit,See,Delete your review on Amazon.in

Amazon Customer Reviews are a great help for online purchases.

It really helps the future buyers to make quick purchase decisions.  It will also help to identify the good and bad from the experiences of the customers who bought it.

Here is your guide to write a  review and then edit it if you want to make any changes and to delete your review if you didn’t like it.

How to write a review and rate in Amazon.in ?

There are two ways you can do it.

1) You can write a review even if you didn’t purchase it.

review and rating amazon.in

a) Go to product page you want in amazon.in.

write review amazon

b) Then select the review link and then write your review and rate it

2) You can review the products you purchased

1) Go to your account. Go to the bottom of the page you will find Personalisation and Under Community choose  Review your purchases


2) Then you can choose the product to write a review and rate the product.

Once you have done the review, here is

How to see all your  reviews ?

1) Go to amazon.in

2) Login in to your account.  Click on your account. Go to the bottom of the page you will find Personalisation and Under Community choose the link See all my reviews

see all my reviews amazon.in

Then you see all your reviews you have done.

How to Edit/Delete your reviews

1) Login into your account as described earlier

2) Go to bottom of the page link See all my reviews.

3) Under the product that you reviewed there are two link buttons: Edit Review and Delete Review

edit delete your review amazon.in

Select the button you want to do to edit or delete.

KSRTC Ticket Cancellation in Six Easy Steps

Do you want to do KSRTC ticket cancellation ? Don’t worry now you can make KSRTC ticket cancellation online, if you bought the ticket online. If you bought the ticket from the counter, you need to go to any KSRTC booking counter to cancel it.
KSRTC tickets bought from the counter you can make preponement, postponement and boarding point changes etc at any counter.
The KSRTC e ticket online cancellation is easy, but the process is not so smooth at KSRTC awatar Website. You can do cancellation of any ticket of Airavat or Rajahamsa ticket online.
Here is the step by step process for the KSRTC Ticket Cancellation
Step 1
First, Login to the KSRTC website with username and password.

KSRTC ticket cancellation
KSRTC Website

Step 2
Second, Go to my Itineraries
KSRTC ticket online cancellation

Step 3
Third, Select the trip you want to cancel and select Cancellation in the menu.
KSRTC ticket fill cancellation

Step 4
Select the partial or full cancellation option. Partial means you want to cancel only one passenger. Full cancellation means you want to cancel the whole ticket.
KSRTC ticket partial cancellation
When you cancel the ticket, these cancellation rates will be reduced from your ticket. So if you cancel early, you willn’t loose much.

KSRTC ticket Cancellation Charges
Up to 72 hours before the departure time: 10% of the basic fare
Between 72 hours and up to 24 hours before departure time:25% of the basic fare
Between 24 hours and up to 30 minutes before departure time:50% of the basic fare
Less than 30 minutes before departure time and at/after the departure time:NO REFUND

Step 5
You need to confirm the cancellation of KSRTC ticket.
KSRTC ticket cancellation confirmation

Step 6
Then your ticket will be cancelled and the refund will be transferred within seven days to your bank account or credit/debit card. I would suggest that you need to track it and if you don’t get it please call their call centre.
KSRTC ticket cancellation refund

How to change Canara bank Atm pin or password?

canara bank atm pin changeAre you using Canara bank ATM cards?

Your ATM pin/password is  your final protection against ATM debit card frauds.

Have you shared your Canara bank ATM pin number with anyone? Then it is better to change it.

Always  protect your Canara bank ATM pin or password by changing it occasionally.
Steps to change Canara Bank ATM pin?
1) Just go to Canara Bank ATM

2) Swipe your ATM card and enter your password

3) In the first screen select main menu


4) Enter the NEW PIN or PASSWORD and enter it again to confirm it.

5) After your confirm you will get the print out that your PIN is changed.

Next time when you login don’t forget to use the new pin.




4 ways to make SBI card complaints easily

sbi credit cards complaintsAre you using SBI card? Want to make a complaint about SBI card services?

Now there are many ways to make your SBI card complaints online and through phone or email.

SBI card complaints through Customer Care Phone No

In order make complaints through phone, contact the SBI card customer Care Phone no

To call From BSNL / MTNL Lines – 1800 180 1290 or 1860-180-1290 From all other phones use this no: 39 02 02 02

If calling from a mobile phone, please prefix your city STD code.

SBI executives would be available between 8:00 A.M to 8:00 P.M, Monday to Saturday.  It is really difficult to get through the customer care executive during office hours so it is better to call early in the morning or later in the evening.

SBI Cards Complaints through Email or letter

Email your SBI Complaints to  feedback@sbicard.com (along with your SBI Account/Card number & contact number/s in the Subject Line).

Or you write a letter to SBI complaints to the following address.
Manager- Customer Services
SBI Cards & Payment Services Pvt.Ltd.
DLF Infinity Towers,Tower C,12th Floor, Block 2,Building 3,DLF Cyber City,
Gurgaon -122002(Haryana) India.

SBI will respond to you within 5 working days of receiving your email and 7 working days of receiving your letter.

Make SBI credit card Complaints through SBI Twitter account

First follow SBI Twitter account and then you can make a complaint. I found this method more faster than all other means.

Make SBI Credit card complaints through SMS.

Send an SMS to PROBLEM to 9212500888 and they will call you back.

For more details you can visit this page