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Canara Bank Transaction Password: How to Create/Lock/Unlock Guide

Canara Bank Transaction password is the most important security feature for the safety of your Canara Bank Net banking. Transaction password is required for all the banking transactions such as money transfer, bill payments or for making deposits etc.

However, often we forget the transaction password or the bank asks us to change the transaction password often. If we continuously try to login using the wrong transaction password,we will be blocked from using the net banking services..

In this tutorial guide, I will show you step by step how to create a transaction password, Lock the transaction password and Unlock the transaction password. I will also provide you some sample passwords.

Create a Canara Bank Transaction Password

  1. Login to Canara Banking Netbanking Website
  2. After logging in Click on your Profile button at right hand corner.

Unlock Transaction password canara bank

3. Then you will get a menu

4. Select Generate New Transaction Password

5. You can Create transaction password in two ways a) Using your Debit card, if you don’t have the debit card then b) Using your aadhar Number.

Create/Generate transaction password using your debit card

a) Select Using the Debit Card details. If you don’t have debit Card then select Aadhar Card and follow the instruction given below.

b) Press Continue

Generate Transaction password Canara Bank

When you choose your Debit Card

Canara Bank Debit Card Number will be shown

c) Enter your Debit Card Pin number

d) Enter your Card Expiry Date

e) Press Next

f) Enter a new transaction password

g) Renter the same new transaction password

h) Press Submit

i) Enter the OTP you received in your registered mobile number with your bank account

j) Press Submit

You will receive the confirmation message that your transaction password has completed successfully.

Now you can use the new transaction password for your banking.

Create/Generate Transaction password using your Aadhar Number

Create New Transcation Password Canara Bank

a) Login to Canara Bank Netbanking

b) After Logging in Click on your profile button

c) Then select Generate New Transaction Password

create transcation password canara bank using aadhar

e) Choose to create the New transaction password using Aadhar Card details

f) Press Continue

Create Transaction password Canara Bank

g) Enter the email OTP you received in your email registered with your bank account.

h) Enter the Aadhar OTP you received in your phone number connected with your Aadhar number.

i) Enter a New Transaction Password. When you create a transaction password follow the instructions given below.

j) Reenter the same New Transaction Password Again

k) Press Submit

l) Enter the OTP you received in your phone number connected with the bank.

m) Enter Submit

n) You will receive the confirmation screen. You have set your new transaction password. Use this new transaction password for all the future banking transactions.

Canara Bank Change transaction password

Canara bank transaction password format

As per the Canara Bank you need to follow these guidelines for your transcation password.

To create a transaction password, you need to follow these rules:

  1. Your password should have a length of 8 to 12 characters.
  2. It must contain at least one uppercase letter (like A, B, C, etc.).
  3. It must also contain at least one lowercase letter (like a, b, c, etc.).
  4. It should include at least one number (like 1, 2, 3, etc.).
  5. You can use special characters like @, #, $, ., *, (, ), +, ?, !, &, and %.
  6. You should avoid having consecutive characters, like abc, more than 3 times in a row.
  7. You should also avoid having identical characters, like aaa, more than 3 times in a row.
  8. Your transaction password cannot be the same as your login password.
  9. Lastly, it should not match any of your previous 3 passwords.

By following these guidelines, you can create a strong and secure transaction password.

Canara bank transaction password example

Here are some sample passwords that follow the above guidelines. Please don’t use these passwords, they are just examples for you to understand how to create a unique password.

  1. Password123!
  2. TranSact456#
  3. SecuRity789$
  4. Passw0rd!@#
  5. MoneyMatters12+
  6. P@ssword987&
  7. Tr@n5acti0n#1
  8. 1234abcd$!
  9. SecUrePa$$word3
  10. @bC123!def

Remember, it’s important to choose a unique and strong password that you can remember easily but is difficult for others to guess.

How to lock/unlock transaction password canara bank

If your not able to do any transactions in your canara bank account then your account is locked. In order to unlock it you need your canara bank ATM debit card. Follow the steps to unlock it.

  1. Login to Canara Bank Netbanking Website

2. After logging in, click on the Profile button on the Right corner

If your Transaction is locked, Then the Status will be showed as Lock.

3.Click on Unlock

4. Then you need to enter your Canara Bank ATM Debit Card Number

5. Enter your ATM Pin number

6. Enter ATM Debit Card Expiry Date

7. Click Next

8. Click on Confirm to Unlock your Transaction Password

Then you will get a confirmation message and Click OK.

Your Transaction Password is unlocked and you can do the transactions.

If you want to lock your account transactions

After logging in select the Lock/unlock Transaction Password. Please remember that to Unlock again you need to have your Debit Card Details.

Click on Lock. Then no one can make transactions.


How to create transaction password in canara bank netbanking?

Please follow the steps given above to generate a New Transaction password for netbanking.

What is lock transaction password in canara bank?

Transaction password is the most important password you need to use to make any financial transaction from your account. Canara bank netbanking account needs two passwords a) Login Password to login to do netbanking online b) Transaction Password to make transactions online. So if you see the message that your transaction password is locked that means you need to unlock it to do the transactions. Please follow the above steps to unlock it.

How to unlock transaction password of canara bank without debit card?

If you want to unlock transaction password you need your debit card details. If you don’t have debit card then you need to generate a new transaction password using your aadhar card. Follow the steps given above to create a new password for transactions.

I forgot transaction password canara bank online?

If you forgot your transaction password of your canarabank netbanking account, you need to create/generate a new password for online transactions. Follow the steps given above.