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3 Ways to Get SBI Aadhaar number linked online for Gas Subsidy

Now you need to link aadhaar number to your bank accounts for gas subsidy. Now SBI is offering online linking for their accounts with aadhaar number.
In order to seed your aadhar number online you need to do two steps
1) Link your bank account with your aadhaar number either online or through SBI ATM
2) Then link your bank account with your LPG ID
or just submit the forms to the bank and the distributor they will link it for you.

First Step link SBI account to aadhaar number.

SBI online linking of aadhaar card number
First, login to your SBI account. Click on the Link your aadhaar no on the left side menu

aadhaar sbi linking
Secondly, Select your account no, then automatically the phone number will be added. This is the phone which you have already given to the bank. Then enter your aadhaar number two times. Be careful when you do that. Press Submit

sbi aadhaar gas link

Then you receive a message in your mobile that the request is made. Wait for few days and you will get the message that it is linked in your mobile. Then do the second step

Connecting Aadhaar number through SBI ATM
Go to any SBI ATM
And Swipe your ATM Card
Then click on Registration and then select Aadhaar Registration Enter your Aadhaar No and you will get the message in the mobile.

Second Step Link you SBI account with LPG Customer ID

After you got that message that your account is linked then again login to your SBI account
And click on the link to LPG Customer ID no.
sbi lpg customer id
Then select the account
The phone number will be automatically updated
Then enter your 17 Digit LPG Customer ID number.
You can get the 17 Digit ID from the gas bill or in the SMS received from gas agency or go to these links to find it
HP Gas Customer ID :
Bharat Gas Customer ID :
Indane Gas Customer ID :
You will get a message in your mobile that it is sent for process. Wait for the confirmation message.

Submit the application forms directly to the SBI Bank and your distributor
1.Download the PAHAL (DBTL) FORM 1 for linking your bank account here and give it your bank
Documents to submit along with Bank linking
Filled Form
Copy of Aadhaar Card
2. Download the PAHAL (DBTL) FORM 2 here and give it to your distributor along with these documents.
Cancelled Cheque or photocopy of first page of your pass book
Aadhaar copy (if you have)
Your Gas bill

How will you get the gas subsidy?
Once you register, then you need to pay the full amount of the gas to the gas agency next time and the subsidy will be transferred to your bank account in two weeks time.

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