Calculator to convert Million to Crores and Crores to million

Are you always confused with millions, billions, crore and lakh?
Do you want to convert million to crores or Crores to Millions, Billions or lakhs?
Then here is a conversion calculator to convert from million to crore and lakh.
Just enter the number to convert and select lakhs, millions, crores, billions or trillions.
You can see the all the conversion in crore and million.

Want to know how much you pay as Credit Card Interest

Credit Card payments are convenient at times, but it is really a trap if you don’t use it properly. I have some friends who got entangled in credit card debt trap.

So here is our� free credit card debt calculator to make wise decisions.

With this credit card interest calculator you can

  • Know how much money you have to pay as credit card interest
  • Know how many months it will take to pay off your credit card debt
  • Know how many years it will take to clear your credit card payment debt
  • Know how much money you will pay to the lender.

This is a handy tool to know how much you pay more� and how long will you be in debt. So be wise, and use our Credit card Payment Calculator before you make your credit card purchases.

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Find Cheap Books by Searching 45 Online Indian Bookshops

Do you often search books in online bookshops in India? Now finding the books by visiting different online bookshops is time consuming. So checkout the new Google custom search engine to compare book prices and to search 45 online bookshops in one shot.

This is a great tool for book lovers to checkout the availability of books and to find cheap books by price comparison of books in various online bookshops.

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New CSE to search 20 car companies in India

Are you planning to buy a car: new car or used car?

Now more than 20 car companies in India is offering different car models through various car dealers. As a newbie, it will be difficult to search the car model and car prices� by visiting all the individual car companies or searching car/automobile magazines.

So to help such users, I have complied all the websites of the car companies and made a new google custom search engine (CSE) India Car Search to search the words related to car model or new car prices. You can specifically search for any car related terms like car price or car model.� Since this CSE is limited to car companies, you will get improved results than generic search. Some� car company websites has calculators to calculate car loans and car insurance as well as details about car parts or car accessories.

So if you are planning to buy a car, search it to get a great deal for latest cars in the market. Add this CSE as a gadget to your igoogle page, google home page or blog.

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