Don’t need printout of Railway ticket booked through internet

If you have booked Railway ticket online, now you don’t have to take the printout to travel. In a new initative by the railways, you can show the ticket in your mobile, laptop or ipad. Here are the details about it from irctc website.

Electronic Reservation Slip (ERS) – The printout in standard specified Performa containing reservation particulars, and instructions for use which can be used by the passenger along with the relevant authorizedIdentification, as travel authority for performing the journey.

Virtual Reservation Message (VRM) – A screen-shot of the e-ticket displayed through laptops/palmtops/ Mobile phone is referred as Virtual Reservation Message (VRM).

ERS/VRM along with any one of the eight prescribed ID proofs in original and the indication of the passenger(s)’ name(s) in the Reservation Chart will authorize the passenger to travel.

VRM combined with valid photo-id in original will be treated as an instrument on par with the ERS.

ERS/VRM along with one of the eight prescribed proofs of identity in original will also authorize the passenger to enter the platform on the day of journey and he/she will not be required to purchase platform ticket. ERS/VRM along with original id proof will be required to be produced on demand of Ticket Checking Staff on the platform.

Way to find New Train Numbers

Indian Railways is changing the train number of all the Express and Mail trains. From Dec 20, the new train number will be five digit than the four digit number. It is easy to remember this change, just add 1 to the existing train number. If the train number is 2657 then the new number will 12657. Please note this change as you make reservations for train travel after Dec 20,2010. Soon they will change the passenger train numbers as well from three digit to five digit numbers.

2 Easy Ways to Find Train Ticket Availability

Are you struggling to find available berths in train at IRCTC Indian Railway website? At IRCTC, you have to search for a specific day. So to find on which day the ticket is available is little difficult.However, IRCTC gives the option of finding the availability for next seven days.

Do you want to know the availability of berths for the next 90 days ticket in any train of any route ? Then go to Cleartrip train availability calendar. To find the available berths enter your stations and select any 15 days segment of 90 days and class of travel. You could see all the available seats and you can click it and book the ticket at Cleartrip. You can get the current availability of seats by refreshing. Even if you don’t see anything, just refresh to see the status.

At another site of Indian railways, check weekly availability of train tickets from major station for all classes here. You can check vacant berth for current date for the following trains even after departure of the train here.

2009 Shatabdi Express Mumbai Jn- Ahemedabad
2010 Shatabdi Express Ahemedabad – Mumbai Jn
2015 Ajmer Shatabdi New Delhi- Ajmer
2016 Ajmer Shatabdi Ajmer- New Delhi
2017 Dehradun Shatabdi New Delhi- Dehradun
2018 Dehradun Shatabdi Dehradun- New Delhi
2029 Swarna Shatabdi New Delhi- Amristar
2030 Swarna Shatabdi Amristar- New Delhi
2031 Amristar Shatabdi New Delhi- Amristar
2032 Amristar Shatabdi Amristar- New Delhi
2951 Jan Shatabdi Exp Mumbai- Madgaon
2952 Jan Shatabdi Exp Madgoan- Mumbai

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5 Ways to Know Indian Railways PNR Status

Have you ever struggled to find the PNR status of your Indian railway ticket by waiting in long line? Indian railways now gives PNR status through different ways. As you can book rail tickets before 90 days, most of the time you end up getting waiting list ticket. So understanding the PNR status of the ticket is crucial for travel. Here are 5 ways to make railway PNR enquiry and to know PNR status of your ticket

1) Through Indian railway website: You can enter your PNR number into this page and know the PNR status. At the IRCTC website go to booked tickets and select the ticket to check the PNR status.

2) Cleartrip now offers PNR reservation enquiry at its website.

3) Through Phone: Dial 139 and by entering your railway PNR number you can get the latest PNR status of your ticket.

4) Through Mobile Phone: If you use BSNL mobile go to travel and railways and select PNR status and enter your PNR no to get the PNR status by SMS. Many mobile providers give this option.

5) Through SMS: PNR <10-digit PNR No.> to58888.

SMS PNR <10-digit PNR No.> to 54959
send SMS IRPNR [PNR number] to 57886 for PNR Status.These SMS services may charge you.If you liked this post, join my RSS feeds.

Cleartrip offers IRCTC Railway ticket reservation

Cleartrip, leading travel website has now started to offer railway ticket booking. With easy to use interface, it is easy and fast to book online tickets for railway journey.

It gives more information and useful than official irctc railway reservation website. For example, when you select your journey it gives the date of your arrival, fare and ticket availability in one screen, if the ticket is available you can go ahead and book the train ticket. In case you made a wrong entry, it gives the facility to go back and edit pages. You can even book the ticket without registering with the website by just giving your email. You can make the reservation train ticket using your credit card or debit card. The payment through net banking is limited to few banks.

Some other useful information is to find the trains starting from a station. You get all the details of the train and its schedule etc. You can also find by train list. When you select a particular train, it will give the timetable and route map.

Cleartrip has proved how to design a good web interface which will save people lot of time. Dont forget that you have to pay some extra bucks for premium service than irctc website to book a railway ticket.

How to book train tickets online

Are you are new to online railway ticket booking or don’t know how to book train ticket online? Indian railway has a good guide to learn how to do the railway booking. Step by step it explains with screenshots the process of railway ticket booking from registering your name, booking a ticket and how to make payment through your bank accounts, credits cards or debit cards. Get the guide here

Railway Tickets new facilities in online ticket booking

Do you book railway tickets online? Booking train tickets over the internet had made life easy for the passengers. But there was some restrictions in the E ticket online train tickets booking. For example, when you cancel the master passenger the whole ticket got can celled. Now they have changed the rules and you can change the master passenger yourself as well as change the place of boarding and the name of the passenger in the train tickets booked online by going to the nearby Railway reservation office with your Electronic Reservation Slip and identity card. The procedure to make changes in rail tickets is explained here