SBI 3D Secure code in 3 Easy Steps

3d secure code  is needed for using SBI debit card for booking  irctc railway tickets or for buying things from online shops.

3d secure code pin is like the security code of your SBI ATM card. SBI 3d secure code pin is different from SBI ATM pin.

3d secure code  is also known as “Verified by Visa” which is needed for any online transactions.

Reserve Bank of India has now made it compulsory  to use 3D secure code for SBI debit cards and credit cards for online security.

How to get  SBI 3d Secure Code  in 3 steps

SBI  3d secure code creation is very easy.

SBI 3d secure  codeFirst, you need to make 3d secure code registration  of your SBI debit card at SBI website. Go here to generate 3d Secure code, by  entering your SBI debit card number.



SBI 3d secure pinSecond, Enter the PIN number, Enter OTP, Security Question, Account Number, Expiry Date. Please note that the Expiry date is in YYMM format. eg Sept 2016 would be 1609




SBI 3d secure  code numberThird, Once you get the message that SBI 3d secure code activation is done, then you can use it to make online purchases.




If you forgot  3d secure code password, then you can use forgot password link in the website and enter the details and can reset to create a new password for your 3d secure code pin number.

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How to order food online from 300 Restaurants in Bangalore

order food onlineYou are tired and hungry, after a day of work.

You don’t have enough energy or mood to go and wait at another restaurant.

Just want to grab something to eat while watching your TV show and sleep.

Then you need to try online food ordering websites like

Food panda makes it convenient to order food online from 2400 restaurants across India in more than 14 cities like Bangalore Mumbai, Pane, Chennai, Hyderabad, Gurgaon, Delhi, and Chennai etc. You don’t have to remember the phone numbers or website names of all the restaurants. Food panda saves your time by giving you all the details at their website.

In 3 easy steps you could order any cuisine you like from your home or office.

First, you need to select your location.

As I selected my location in Bangalore, surprisingly more than 300 restaurants were found. As I narrow downed to my area, it gave me the most nearby restaurants which offers different cuisines like North Indian, South Indian, Chinese, Mugulai, Pizzas etc. Based on the location, Food Panda offers variety of food items like Cakes, Burger, Dal Makhani, Hyderabadi Biryani, Naan, Sushi, Malai Kofta, Butter Chicken, or Tandoori Chicken.

Secondly, you select the restaurant you liked most and order the food you are craving for. Surprisingly, the menu was available online and it was easy to order it. As a miser, I could compare the prices of the same food at different restaurants to pick the cheapest ones. It was easy to evaluate the restaurants based on the ratings given by other users. The only issue was most of the restaurants had a minimum order for free delivery. Some restaurants had only takeaways.

Thirdly, once you order the food. It will be delivered at your doorstep with the bill. You could pay it by cash or online. This also gives you extra safety, as you don’t have to give your credit card numbers to any strangers.

The whole process of ordering food online and getting it at your home is easy and fast.

So when you are hungry, don’t waste your time just order the food online. If you are stuck in between you call Foodpanda customer care number 011 30715375 (11AM to 11PM) or can have a live chat at the website. Once you register, you can also get restaurant deals through email also, which will help you to save the money.

You can also order easily with their android which you can download it here

So getting hungry, give them a try and tell us your experience.


How to check your name in Voter list Delhi 2015 मतदाता सूची दिल्ली

voters list delhiDelhi is going for the elections as announced by the Election Commission. It is time to check your name in voter id list of Delhi 2015. Just having a voter id willn’t qualify you to vote. You need have your name in the voter list Delhi.

If your name is not on the voters list, then your can add your name in the voters list in Delhi by approaching the Voters centre which are located through out Delhi. Here is the list of voters centre and their addresses with the phone number or you can do registration for the voters id card online.
IF you have already applied for your voters id then you check the status of your voter id card application here.

If you already have your voters id card, then you can check your name in electoral roll, Delhi .

Delhi Voters List final List 2015
You can go to this link and select your constituency to check your name in the final list in English here.

Here are two ways to check your name in the Voters list, Delhi.

1) Check your name in the voters list through SMS
Just SMS EPIC Voter ID Card No to 7738299899
2) Check your name in the voters list at the ceo delhi website.
visit website and check it online.

If you want to know your assembly constituency go here

मतदाता सूची दिल्ली 2015

यहां दिल्ली में मतदाता सूची में अपने नाम की जाँच करने के दो तरीके हैं.

1) SMS के माध्यम से मतदाता सूची में अपने नाम की जाँच करें

SMS EPIC <वोटर आईडी कार्ड No > to 7738299899

2) के मुख्य कार्यकारी अधिकारी दिल्ली वेबसाइट पर मतदाता सूची में अपने नाम की जाँच करें. वेबसाइट पर जाएँ और अपना नाम ऑनलाईन जाँच करें.
3) मतदाता सूची दिल्ली 2015

5 ways to do Bsnl Broadband Speed Test

bsnl broadband speed testDo you have bsnl broadband connection? Do you want to check broadband speed?

Now there are so many ways to check your broadband speed. The bsnl broadband speed depends on the broadband plans you have chosen. So it is always wise to do the bsnl broadband speed test and make the correct choice of broadband connections to save time and money.

 Five ways to  check the bsnl broadband speed.

1.Test the BSNL Broadband Speed using Standard BSNL Bandwidth Meter. To check the speed go to BSNL Bandwidth Meter. Just click it and it will open in a new window, test the speed of your internet connection and give your broadband  speed result.

2. To know your BSNL internet speed go to BSNL Speedtester website . Then click to test the speed. It will provide your broadband speed.

3. Test your internet download speed through  BSNL Karnataka Server. 

4. There are other websites also to test your broadband speed such as

5. Check the internet speed using Intel broadband speed test .

These web soft wares will help you find broadband speed of your connection.


How to have Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 311 internet connection using your mobile phone

samsung galaxy tab 2 311 internet

samsung galaxy tab 2 311 internet Do you want to connect your Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 311 to internet through bluetooth?

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 311 comes only with wifi, but you can connect to internet using bluetooth. So during travel you can access internet on your samsung galaxy tab 2 311.

I connected my Samsung Galaxy tablet 311 to internet via Bluetooth and GPRS using my BSNL prepaid nokia E51 mobile phone.

Here is how to do it.

First Go to Google playstore and download the app BlueVPN and install it

With Bluevpn app you can connect any “GPRS [General Packet Radio Service] phone (like many common BlackBerry, Nokia, Samsung …phones) with tethered modem capability”.

Then pair your mobile phone and Samsung Tab using bluetooth.

In the GPRS settings add your APN or access point of your mobile phone internet connection. For BSNL it is bsnlnet

Once it is connected you can now access the internet. Though it is slow, it is useful during travels.

This worked for me and don’t know whether it will work for you so if you are having any trouble with bluevpn please contact the developer here

BSNL Data Plans New 2G & 3G Karnataka Prepaid STVs & Tariff

BSNL Data Plan New and Revised STVs

Karnataka BSNL has introduced a new unified Data Plan STVs under prepaid GSM mobile services for 2G and 3G from 17/08/2013.

The Existing BSNL Data Plans of 2G and 3G Data STVs such as GPRS7 / GPRS14 / GPRS57 / GPRS98 / GPRS126 /GPRS219 / GPRS270 / GPRS302 and DATA25 / DATA50 / DATA103 / DATA120 / DATA152 /DATA450 / DATA603 / DATA699 / DATA750 / DATA1299 / DATA3300 has been withdrawn from 15/08/2013.

New BSNL Data Plans for Karnataka

Sl NoDenomination in RsValidity in daysFree DataSTV CODE
1173100 MBDATA 17
2397240 MBDATA 39
37815500 MBDATA 78
49821700 MBDATA 98
5139301GBDATA 139
6251302 GBDATA 251
7561305 GBDATA 561
810113010 GBDATA 1011

BSNL Karnataka Circle has revised the Annual Data plan Vouchers of Denominations 3299, 2299 and 1251 under 3G mobile services w.e.f 13/8/2013.

3G BSNL Data Plans Annual

Sl NoDenomination in RsValidityFree Data
112511 year0.75 GB per month for 12 months
222991 year1.5 GB per month for 12 months
332991 year2.5 GB per month for 12 months

How to Find Tatkal Ticket Availability in any Train

Online Tatkal Ticket booking of Indian Railways is a race against time. So how fast you can do the ticket booking will determine whether you will get the ticket or not.

One of the things to do is to find all the information before hand like station code,route,train and also  the number of tatkal tickets in a particular train. You can check all the tatkal ticket availability in all trains  in a particular route.

By the way, some trains have more tatkal seats. So after finding this information you can book the tatkal ticket in the train with more seats, so the chances of getting it is more.

How to find Tatkal Ticket Availability

To find out the number seats here  are the steps.
1) Go to
2) Choose Berth Availability from the side menu.
3) Enter the details of your travel and choose availability.
4) In the next page all the train will be shown.
5) Then in Enter Quota: Choose Tatkal Quota for the train you want
Then it show the number of Tatkal seats available in that train all all the classes you chose.
For more you can view this youtube tutorial on Tatkal Ticket Availability

Aadhaar status: 3 easy ways to know Aadhaar Status

aadhaar statusWant to know the aadhaar  status after registering it. Here are 3 ways to know aadhaar status after  registration.

It will take few months to get the aadhaar by post. But you can make enquiry of aadhaar status through online, sms or phone.

Get your aadhaar status online.

Go to

Enter your Enrollment no and date of enrollment no which given in the Acknowledgement copy of your Aadhaar registration. It will the status of aadhaar registration.

Get your Aadhaar status by SMS

Check Aadhaar status by sending SMS as “UID STATUS <14 digit enrolment number>” (e.g. UID STATUS 12345678901234) to 51969.

If your Aadhaar has been generated and SMS is sent from registered mobile then you will receive the Aadhaar number otherwise only current status will be communicated.

Get your Aadhaar status by Phone

Call the Toll Free Number- 1800 300 1947.

Select the option to know the aadhaar status and enter your 14 digit enrolment number. Then you can get status of aadhaar registration.

5 Easy Ways to Get SBI MMID Number to Make Mobile Payments

Now you can transfer money or  make payment  at shops or online  from your mobile.

Many services like train ticket booking using SMS requires MMID   number to make payments. MMID means Mobile money ID.

How to get MMID number of SBI?

1) Go the your SBI branch: register your mobile phone and apply in a form to get the 7 digit MMID number which is attached to your State Bank of India account.

2) Using your SBI mobile app:  If you have mobile banking activated in your mobile then you can easily generate OTP, Generate MMID, Retrieve MMID or cancel MMID by logging in your SBI freedom mobile app and then going to IMPS- Interbank Mobile Payment Service menu.

3) By going to SBI ATM:

Swipe your Debit Card > Select Mobile Registration> enter ATM PIN > Select SMS /Secure Code / IMPS > enter your mobile number > Confirm.

Then you will get 7 digit MMID number will be sent to you over SMS on the mobile number used for registration.

4) By SMS: If you forgot your MMID, Send the message MMID SBI to 9223440000 (for retrieving MMID for all accounts)

5)  By calling the Customer Service: Call toll-free number 1800 425 3800.

Chose Mobile Banking (Option 5)

You will be attended to by Customer Service Representative.

Provide Mobile Number.

You will be asked to validate certain particulars.

On successful validation, MMID number will be sent by SMS to you.

How to deregister or cancel your existing MMID number?

Send SMS to 9223440000 in the following format MMIDCANCEL SBI

If you are changing your mobile number, you have to deregister first and register again with new Mobile Number.


How to get BMTC Student Bus Pass

BMTC Student Bus Pass will be issued for students studying for degree, PG, engineering, ITI, medical, evening college students from June 5. For  primary, secondary and high school students from June 6.  For I and II PUC students from June 12.

How to get the BMTC Student Bus Pass

1) Apply in BMTC Student Bus Pass Application form available in the counters or can be downloaded from here. 2) Application should attested by the Head of the Educational institutions
3) Tuition fee receipt of the current academic year. The original receipt should be produced for verification.
3) ID card of the Education Institution.
4) Fee in cash.

BMTC Student Bus Pass Rates

Free Student passes to Primary and Secondary level students from class-I to class-VII, will be issued. But Rs.70/- is collected towards service charge, insurance and IT fee.
Student Bus Pass rates are concessional and differs for students so you can check the current bus pass rate at the BMTC website.

BMTC Student Bus Pass Counters

Student bus passes will be issued at all the major bus stations and 36 pass counters from 8 am to 5 pm: Kempegowda Bus Station, Shivajinagar Bus Station, Shanthinagar Bus Station, BMTC Indiranagar Depot, Domlur Bus Station, Jeevanbhimanagar Bus Station, K R Puram Bus Station, Kalyan Nagar Bus Station, Kavalbyrasandra Bus Station, Basaveshwaranagar Bus Station, Vijayanagar TTMC, Chandra Layout Bus Station, MCTC Bus Station, Kumarswamy Layout Bus Station, Kengeri TTMC, Neelasandra Bus Station, Hampi Nagar Bus Station, Nandini Layout Bus Station, Nelamangala Bus Station, Chowdeshwari (Mathikere) Bus Station, Vidyaranyapuram Bus Station, Yelahanka 5th Phase, Rajajinagar 1st ‘N’ Block, Malleswaram Bus Station, Jayanagar TTMC, Channamanakere Acchukattu, BTM Layout Bus Station, Electronics City Depot, BMTC Koramangala TTMC, K R Market, Yeshwantpur TTMC, Kadugodi, Banashankari TTMC, Bannerghatta TTMC, Uttarahalli and Chandapura Bus Stations.