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How to Find Tatkal Ticket Availability in any Train

Online Tatkal Ticket booking of Indian Railways is a race against time. So how fast you can do the ticket booking will determine whether you will get the ticket or not.

One of the things to do is to find all the information before hand like station code,route,train and also  the number of tatkal tickets in a particular train. You can check all the tatkal ticket availability in all trains  in a particular route.

By the way, some trains have more tatkal seats. So after finding this information you can book the tatkal ticket in the train with more seats, so the chances of getting it is more.

How to find Tatkal Ticket Availability

To find out the number seats here  are the steps.
1) Go to
2) Choose Berth Availability from the side menu.
3) Enter the details of your travel and choose availability.
4) In the next page all the train will be shown.
5) Then in Enter Quota: Choose Tatkal Quota for the train you want
Then it show the number of Tatkal seats available in that train all all the classes you chose.
For more you can view this youtube tutorial on Tatkal Ticket Availability