How to Transfer Money Instantly through Mobile Banking

Now you can send and receive money through Interbank mobile payment services of State Bank of India SBI mobile banking.
You can transfer money to your friend or relatives if they have accounts in any of these banks like Union Bank of India,Axis Bank,ICICI Bank,YES Bank,HDFC Bank,Lakshmi Vilas Bank, Bank of India etc.

How to get SBI mobile money ID?

Register at State Bank of India ATM to get Mobile Money ID (MMID). Swipe your Debit card and enter your ATM Pin. Select Mobile Registration, then Alerts/Secure Code/IMPS then enter your mobile number and confirm.
You will get the Mobile Money ID (MMID over SMS for your primary account.

How to receive money over mobile banking

Share your mobile number and MMID with the one who is transferring the money to you. He should be registered mobile banking with any of the above participating banks.
He can remit money immediately to your account and it will be credited to your account.

How to send or transfer the money through mobile banking

After registering for Mobile Banking services and getting Mobile Money ID.
Get the mobile number and Mobile money ID of the person whom you want to send the money. (Both the sender and receiver should have mobile money ID.)
Login to your mobile banking account and go to Fund transfer through IMPS Mobile to Mobile Transfer. Enter the mobile number and MMID and amount and enter your MPIN for mobile banking. If everything is correctly done, they will receive the money immediately.

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