How to verify, if your Gas Connection is Legal

Govt of Karnataka is cracking down illegal LPG connection of all gas companies like Indane, BP or HP. Few months ago, there was a drive by Government of Karnataka Department of Food, Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs asking the LPG consumers to submit the RR no of Electricity Meter and Ration card, if you have.
Now they have checked the validity of both and have suspended the LPG connection of those who have not submitted these documents or found those documents incorrect or illegal.
If you have submitted the documents, now you can do verification of  your LPG gas connection online  to confirm validity of your Indane/HP/BP Gas connection.

How to check or verify your LPG Connection

First, go to this  website of Department of Food, Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs here .

At the site, select Verification of LPG connection

After that, select your gas connection company: IOC (Indane gas) HPC (Hindustan Gas) BPC(Bharat Gas)

Then select your District and your gas distributor after that click go. Eg: Bangalore or whichever district you belong to and your gas distributor

If your documents are correct, then you will get a message saying your gas connection and ration card is valid. If there is any error, you can use the other link to upload the documents or contact the department within 15 days. If your documents are not valid,the gas agency will stop supplying you gas in the future.

For more info, you can read this news report why you need to verify your Gas connection.

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