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How to make BESCOM Complaints through SMS

BESCOM is launching complaint redressal through SMS in Bangalore.

Now all users in Bangalore can register all  power related BESCOM complaints  either through SMS and  or  through  BESCOM telephone complaint numbers.

BESCOM Complaints SMS format

Send your complaints in this format: BESCOM (space) sub division code (space) nature of complaint and send it to this number: 9243150000. Eg: BESCOM E8 No power till 2pm.

BESCOM sub division code can be found in your BESCOM electricity bill or by using this map

BESCOM complaints are will be catergorised into 3 and solved accordingly.  Catergory A : Complaints related to power failure, power supply etc. Catergory B are complaints related to billing and meter issues, disconnections etc. Category C complaints are related to long term complaints like providing new transformers, shifting and transfering poles etc.

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