How to Activitate SBI Mobile Banking in your mobile

State Bank of India (SBI) Mobile Banking is a real time saver. Now you can do many of the banking services like Balance Enquiry, Fund Transfer, mobile recharge, paying your bills etc through your mobile. Here is how to activate  State Bank Freedom Mobile Banking in your mobile phone.

In order to register and use  SBI Mobile Banking Service you need to do the following steps
a) Get Userid and MPIN
b) Download the SBI mobile banking application and install it in your mobile.
c) Change the MPIN password
b) Register through  SBI ATM or at your home SBI branch where you have an account.

How to Get SBI mobile banking Userid and MPIN?

1)  Get User ID and default MPIN: Send a SMS <MBSREG> to 9223440000/ 567676. You will get a User ID and default MPIN over SMS.

Download and Install SBI Mobile Banking  Freedom Application

2) Through the sms you get the download link to get SBI Mobile Banking  software for your mobile. You can either download it directly to the mobile or download it to your computer by selecting your mobile model and then install it in your mobile. This app can be used in all Java based mobile phone.

Download the SBI mobile Banking  FREEDOM application for Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, Fly, Micromax, Sony-ericcson, Blackberry etc here.  This is SMS based application.

If you have GPRS, then  download State Bank Freedom Premium application from here.

For Chinese mobiles you can use mobile banking generic app, download it here.

Download SBI Mobile Banking App for Android phones here SBI Freedom Android App

For Apple iphone get the SBI mobile banking app from the app store.

Change the MPIN

After installing the software, start the application. Enter the User ID and MPIN you got it through SMS.

Then you go to “Settings” and Choose “Change MPIN”

Then you enter the Old MPIN (which you got through SMS) and then enter New MPIN. Then you will get an SMS saying “Your MPIN is changed”

After that you will get another message: Validation from handset successful. Please complete registration at the ATM/ Branch.

Register at SBI Branch or through SBI ATM

Register Mobile Banking at SBI branch

At your SBI Home  branch, fill up the required form which will be entered into the system and your account will be activated next day.

Registration of mobile banking through SBI ATM

  • At the ATM,  swipe the Debit Card
  • choose  ‘Mobile Registration’ and then select “Mobile Banking’.
  • Then choose the option ‘Registration’,
  • Enter your mobile number and choose “Yes”.
  • choose “confirm‟ to confirm to your number
  • Collect the transaction slip confirming the registration with a message : Mobile Registration Succesful-0
  • You will receive a SMS regarding activation of your account.
  • You can then use all the services offered under the Mobile Banking Services.

After all these steps, you can use your mobile for accessing and doing banking.

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