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How to trace your stolen mobile phone ?

Mobile theft is a major problem. Most of the time it will be difficult to trace the stolen mobile phone handset. Do you know that every mobile handset has a unique 15 digit number id. With this handset code� id, you can trace your stolen mobile handset with the help of your mobile phone service provider and even block the usage of the phone. Give this number also when you give mobile theft complaint to� police. Now the question you would ask how will you find the mobile phone handset id?
It is very simple, Dial *#06# to find the 15 digit number handset id. Don’t forget to store this number in a safe place.
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PS: This is just information for your use� and sorry that� I can’t help to trace any mobile phones that is lost.

6 thoughts on “How to trace your stolen mobile phone ?”

  1. James says:

    Hi, I found your blog on this new directory of WordPress Blogs. Your blog looks good. Have a nice day. James.

  2. A K S Chary says:

    My name is A K Surendra Chary, actually i have lost my phone i did not i have 15 digit code can u help me how to trace my phone

  3. Nasim says:

    its a good information

  4. ronald says:

    i have lost my N73 and i would like you to help me in tracing it

  5. ronald says:

    I have lost my N73 and I would like you to help me in tracing it… please reply

  6. Sidd says:

    Hi All

    It seems there is a lot of requirement in terms of locating a mobile phone

    There is a new software from SatGuide to locate your mobile phones, Its available free of cost and you can track by calling the call center only.One can register different nos of family or friends and can call the call center to get there location. Service is fast and easy to use.

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    All faq’s are available on the website regarding compatibility and accessibility..

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