How to access free WIFI internet connection at Bangalore Airport ?

Bangalore International Airport (BIAL) offers free WIFI internet connection for passengers. The signal is weak outside the arrival and departure lounge. But you will get the full WIFI inside the airport.

Steps to Access Bangalore Airport Free WiFi

  1. Go to your WIFI networks in your mobile phone

2. Select BLR_Free_WiFi Network and connect

3. Then you will get a login page to enter your mobile number or wifi voucher. Enter your local phone number. You can collect the wifi voucher from the customer care desks of the airport.

4. You will receive an OTP

5. Then enter your phone number and OTP on the login page. Then you will be able to access the Bangalore airport free wifi for an hour.

As you enter the airport, you will get WIFI connection offered by TATA DOCOMO. Connect to it.

To access the connection, Open your browser and  you will get a login page in your browser. Enter your mobile number   to verify and to get the pin number for the WIFI connection at Bangalore airport.

The free WIFI connection offered is only available for 45 minutes.

If you already have TATA DOCOMO connection, you can use your  username and password to access the wifi connection.