Use Virtual Credit Cards for safe online transactions

HDFC is bringing out two types of virtual credit cards in India. One with Reliance communication using the Mobile phone known as MCard. Your mobile telephone number acts as the credit card number. You can use this system in shops and other places as you use your credit card. Presently, the facility would be available to HDFC Bank credit cardholders, who are also Reliance mobile subscribers.

The second one is HDFC Netsafe virtual credit card for online transactions. First you create a virtual credit card using your HDFC Credit card or Debit Card Number. After this you can use the virtual card for online transactions, you give the information of the Netsafe card number. The amount can be limited by you and it will be deactivated in 48 hours. So your credit card or debit card details remain safe. You will get virtual credit card transaction bills on your regular credit card bill.