How to Transfer Money using SBI Debit Card at ATM?

State Bank of India SBI  has started a new service called  SBI TRANSFER CASH  to transfer money from your SBI Debit Card using ATM to another SBI Debit Card Number.

This is a free and easy service and only needs the number of another Debit Card number. This service is available through 26,000 SBI ATMs across India. It is 24×7 and the beneficiary receives the amount immediately.

Here is how you can transfer money using SBI Debit Card
1) At SBI ATM, swipe your SBI Debit Card and select Transfer Option
2) Enter your PIN number
3) Select the Card to Card Transfer option
4) Enter the beneficiary SBI Debit Card number
5) Enter the amount to be transferred.
6) Transcation is complete and the beneficiary will receive the money immediately.

Transaction Limits of SBI debit Card ATM money transfer

Using this mode of  money transfer  to another SBI Debit card:
1) The maximum is Rs.15,000 per transaction.
2) Total Rs.30,000 per day.
3) Only two transcations per day.

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