Credit Card

Tips to apply for State Bank of India (Sbi) credit card online?

Are you planning to apply for State bank of India  credit card? Here are some tips to choose your sbi credit card wisely.

Before applying for the credit card first compare the various credit cards offered by Sbi.State Bank of India offers these cards with different features,credit limits and annual fees: SBI platinum card, SBI gold card, SBI Silver card, SBI advantage card.

State Bank of India also offers other cards tying up with other companies such as SBI railway card, SBI spicejet card, SBI Maruti Card,SBI Vishal MegaMart Card,SBI Dena Bank Secured Card,SBI UBI Card etc.

So be wise and select cards which doesn’t have annual fees and gives good features etc. Always remember that for premium cards you have to pay more annual fees etc.

Go to sbi credit card website and apply online.If you don’t want to apply for credit card online, then you can download SBI credit card application form here. After applying you can track your credit card application online at the website. It is better to apply through agents, which will be processed more fast or contact the State bank of India branches itself to get the numbers of agents.

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