Three ways to get One Time Password for Sbi Credit Card

Do you order things online and pay using Sbi credit card using IVR? Then you need to have One Time Password or OTP for all your transactions. Reserve Bank of India has made it compulsory to have one time password for transactions through IVR or mobile phones. This move to protect the credit card users, but it is actually making hard for doing online buying. SBI credit card One Time Password is valid only for two hours and for only one transaction.

Sbi credit card holders can get One Time Password through three ways.

1) Get your OTP through SBI credit card website.

Login to sbi credit card website. And under “services request” select IVR One Time password menu and select your sbi credit card and click on generate password. The password will be sent to your mobile no. So it is wise to update your mobile number.

2) Get IVR one time password through SMS

SMS OTP SBI Card> to 5676791 from your mobile number registered with us.

For example, if the last number of your SBI credit card is 1234 then SMS OTP 1234 to 5676791 from your mobile number.

3) Call the call centre

Call centre no for OTP for SBI card is 1860 180 1291

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