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How to make KSEB Online bill payment

KSEB online payment websiteKSEB (Kerala State Electricity Board)  has started online bill payment.

You can now make online bill payments through KSEB website

Kseb online payment is very easy and saves lot of time.

Here is how to do it.

KSEB online payment process

1) Go to KSEB online bill payment website

2) Before making the payment, have the KSEB electricity bill near you.

3) Select your section and enter the consumer no and bill no. If you don’t know your section click here to find your Electrical section, consumer no and bill no from your KSEB bill.

4) Enter either your email or mobile number. Press View Bill

5) Select the Kseb electricity bill to pay  and now you can  make the kseb online payment of bills either through netbanking, credit card or debit card. Extra transaction and service charges is applicable to online payments. You can make payment through netbanking through most of the banks.

4) After that you can take the printout of your payment details. The details will also be sent through mobile or email.

More details are given in  website about KSEB online payment.