How to find foreign exchange rate in India?

Are you planning to travel abroad or coming from abroad? Then finding the foreign exchange rates is very important. If you want to change/buy foreign currency, it is better not to change/buy foreign currency from the airports. Because they don’t offer best exchange rate and if you are buying they charge more. Then the other options is to approach the private agents who deals with forex. It is better not to deal with individual forex money changers as they can cheat us and some of them pedal fake currencies also .

Whoever you use it is better to know the current foreign exchange rate? There are many websites that offer foreign currency exchange rates but it differs. From country to country the currency exchange rates differ. So the best place to check the exchange rate in India is to check the Reserve Bank of India exchange rates. This is base exchange rate on which other banks in India base their price for foreign exchange. So check the exchange rate in India here.

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