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Don’t use China mobile phone

Are you using a china mobile? Cheap china mobile phones won’t work in India, as Department of Telecommunications has requested the mobile operators in India to block the numbers that use china mobile handsets.  Reason, it is used by terrorists and criminals for undercover activities.So China mobile handsets will be banned.

Each mobile has a unique International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) code, with which you can track the mobile phone. China made mobile phones uses a 15 digit IMEI number and often the numbers are not unique and maybe present in thousands, so it is difficult for the police to trace the mobile phone.

However all the other mobile phone manufacturers have 16 digit IMEI. So if your IMEI is a 15 digit number, then it is time to go for a new mobile phone. Even when you buy a second hand mobile phone, check it out.  Now the question you may have now is: how can I know IMEI? Just type *#06# in your mobile and you will get the IMEI number.

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