Ownership Transfer of Vehicle in Bangalore

Ownership Transfer of Vehicle in Bangalore

Many think the ownership transfer of vehicle as a nightmare. So they give that job to the agents who normally charges exorbitantly. If you know the procedure and the documents required for ownership transfer of your vehicle whether it is car/bike/scooter it is easy. And you can finish the process in one to two hours time.
Recently, I went to RTO in K R Puram, Bangalore to transfer the ownership of the scooter I bought. But I had to go twice, since I didn’t know the all the document required. So this is a procedure guide for those who want to do it directly whether it is car/bike

FORMS/ Documents Required for Bike/Scooter Transfer Bangalore

1) Form 29 in Duplicate. Download Form 29 Application for Ownership Transfer Here.
2) Form 30. Download Form 30 Application for Ownership Transfer Here
3) Original RC book ( Smart Card put in a plastic cover and staple it with the documents.)
3) B Extract from Original Registering Authority ( This you can get it from Bangalore One Centres by paying Rs.20)
4) Address Proof
5) Insurance Certificate ( Xerox Copy)
6) Pollution Under Control Certificate
7) Self Addressed Stamped Postal Cover
8) One Passport size photograph.

Procedure of Vehicle Ownership Transfer At K R Puram, RTO Bangalore

  1. Fill all the forms and with the documents, Keep it in a file with a tag. Go to Second Floor Room No S-3. Go to the 3rd person from your left as you enter. He/She will verify the documents and make a mark for data entry and fees to be paid. Then give that document to data entry operator who sits next to him.
  2. After data entry, go to ground floor and pay the fees at any of the fees counter and you will get the receipt. I paid Rs. 287 for Smart card and transfer fees.
  3. Then go G-1 in the ground floor to pay the smart card fees and get the receipt. Just walk in directly and pay Rs.74 and he will get the receipt. There will a long queue for bio metric/photograph for driving license.
  4. Tag the fees receipt/ smart card fee receipt along with other documents.
  5. Go to Second floor Room No S-3 and submit it to the first person on your left. After verification, they accept your application and will issue an acknowledgement Receipt.
  6. Within 30 days, the New RC Card will reach by Speed post.

It took around one and half hours ( Though I reached at 10.00 am . Many of the staff only reached by 10.30)

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