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How to find fake notes

Handling fake notes in India can put you behind the bars. So if you are a business man or a person handling currencies or want to just bluff before others then you should learn how to identify fake notes by learning how the original notes

Bill payments without wasting your time

Do you often forget bill payment on time or end up in paying fines? Or some of you may hate to waste your time standing in the long queues to pay electricity bill, bescom bill,bwssb or other utility bills? Do you want to make online

How to find cheap air tickets

Low cost airlines bought the cheap air tickets in India. Now main airlines also offer cheap airtickets in India. Earlier it was difficult to find who offers these cheap air tickets. But now with the increase of many travel portals it is easy to find

How to book train tickets online

Are you are new to online railway ticket booking or don’t know how to book train ticket online? Indian railway has a good guide to learn how to do the railway booking. Step by step it explains with screenshots the process of railway ticket booking

Best Mutual Funds in India

As stocks are down, are you thinking twice in which mutual fund you should invest? There are more than 1644 Mutual fund schemes in India, which add to the complexity to determine which mutual fund to invest your money. Businessworld magazine in its 3 March

Find your way in Indian Cities like Bangalore

Finding your way in the big cities is hard, when you don’t know the local language. One way to overcome this to use online maps. There are many online maps which will help you find your way. Googlemaps has detailed directions for key Indian cities

Railway Tickets new facilities in online ticket booking

Do you book railway tickets online? Booking train tickets over the internet had made life easy for the passengers. But there was some restrictions in the E ticket online train tickets booking. For example, when you cancel the master passenger the whole ticket got can

Book train tickets early

Now you can book your train tickets 90 days prior to your journey date. Earlier you could only book the railway ticket in 60 days advance. From Feb 1st, 2008 the Indian railway have extended the rail ticket reservation period from 60 to 90 days.

Railway Enquiry Number (New)

Are you a regular Indian Railway traveler? Have you been stuck to find out the enquiry number of the railway stations during your travel? Here is the good news. Lalu has brought out a one number for all the indian railway enquires. Just dial 139