How to get your Credit Information Report?

Are you planning to apply for a housing loan or a personal loan? Want to get it sanctioned immediately, then apply for the loan with your credit report. Credit Information Report gives your credit worthiness or credit background or credit score. Now banks and loan givers can refer to your Credit report to understand your credit history to offer or reject new loans. If have a good credit report, you can bargain for lesser interest rates, higher loan amount, faster sanctions, and extend the loan repayment period. At the same time, if you have bad credit history, banks can reject your loans, may charge higher interest rates, and may need to provide additional security to get the loans.

Now individuals can get their personal Credit Information Report from the Credit Information Bureau (India) Ltd (CIBIL). Credit Information Bureau has the databases of creditors from various banks and credit card companies and they provide the Credit report for those who need it. Here are the steps you need to do to get your credit report. You can apply for your credit score using the post, email, phone or fax.

First down load and fill Credit Information Request Form

Then send the form by post, email, or fax with the following documents and fees.

1. Valid Identity Proof: PAN Card/ Passport/ Voters ID (Mail self attested hard copy of any one of these Identity Proofs)
2. Valid Address Proof: Bank Account Statement/ Electricity Bill/ Telephone bill (Mail self attested hard copy of any one of these Address Proofs)
3. Payment terms: Demand Draft (DD) of Rs 142/- (inclusive of all taxes and express delivery charge) , in favour of Credit Information Bureau (India) Limited payable at Mumbai.Please note that the fee once paid is non-refundable.

Credit Information Bureau (India) Limited
P.O Box 17,
Millennium Business Park,
Navi Mumbai- 400710


Telephone: 022-61404300

Fax: 022-40789007

After receiving your documents and fee, they will process the request and send your Credit Information Report.

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