How to apply for U.S Visa in India?

Twice, I was rejected U.S visa.  I again applied and got 10 years multiple entry USA visitors visa.

Here are some tips and the new process to apply for US visa and how to book an appointment  for US Visa interview.

You need to go to the nearby US consulates in New Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Chennai for the visa interview.

How to Apply for US Visa and interview

Step 1

For Nonimmigrant Visa applicants:

Choose the type of visa. You can find  the Non immigrant Visa Types  here

Here are the main US Visa Types here

Step 2

Online Fill the  US Non immigrant Visa Electronic Application (DS-160) form.

Please keep the Application id and security question and answer to use the form again.

In the Visa Application form you need to enter all your information, like visa type, passport details, sponsors details, how long your are intend to stay, contact person, phone, address, email, Education qualification, year of study, employment details how long you worked, employer address, phone , monthly salary, spouse details, father and mothers details and date of birth etc.

After review, you can sign it. Then you cannot make any corrections.

In each step save the information and you can correct later. The application will be available for 30 days to access.

If you are reapplying the visa again complete a new Nonimmigrant Visa Electronic Application (DS-160) form.

You can read FAQ about the US visa application form

The completed DS-160 application form will generate an alpha-numeric barcode confirmation page. Print this page. The printed confirmation page is required for the appointment at the Visa Application Center and for the interview at the Embassy/Consulate.

Step 3

Once you finished the Visa Application. Then you need to pay the Visa fees. US Visa fee details are available here.

You can pay the Visa fees through Axis/citibank or you transfer it through NEFT. Only after the paying the money you can the visa appointment  interview.

You will create a profile and must keep your receipt number to book your visa appointment.

Step 4

Login to your profile with the same credentials you used to pay your visa fee. Once you are in the system, you will see your dashboard.

Click on Schedule Appointment on the left-hand side menu. This will start the process for scheduling your appointment.

You must schedule two appointments, one for the Visa Application Center (VAC) and one for the visa interview at the Embassy or Consulate.

First, schedule your US visa interview appointment at the Embassy or Consulate.

Second, schedule your appointment at an Visa Application Centre. This appointment will allow you to go to one of the five Visa Application Centre locations to have your fingerprints and photo taken. This appointment must be at least 1 day before your visa interview appointment at the Embassy or Consulate.

You will need three pieces of information in order to schedule your appointment:

Your passport number

The visa application fee receipt number.

The ten (10) digit barcode number from your DS-160 confirmation page

As you go through the process you will be able to select your visa type, enter personal data, add dependents, select your document delivery location, confirm visa payment, and schedule your appointment.

Step 5

US Visa Application Centres in India are in New Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad and Mumbai. Here are the address and details.

For your Visa Application Centre appointment, you will need to bring:

A passport valid for travel to the United States with validity dates at least six months beyond your intended period of stay in the United States (unless country-specific agreements provide exemptions). If more than one person is included in your passport, each person desiring a visa must submit an application.

Your DS-160 confirmation page.

Your appointment confirmation page.

One photograph as per U.S. visa specifications if the applicant is under 14 years of age . See the Photos and Fingerprints page for more details.

Step 6

Following your visit to the Visa Application Centre to have your photo and fingerprints taken, you will then visit the U.S. Embassy or Consulate on the date and time of your visa interview. You will need to bring:

A printed copy of your appointment confirmation letter,

Your DS-160 confirmation page stamped at the VAC

Your current and all old passports,

Supporting Documents as per your visa type

Applications without all of these items will not be accepted.

Note: Children under 14 years of age are not required to attend the appointment at the Visa Application Centre or visa interview at the Embassy/Consulate. Accompany/Guardians/Parents can carry the above documents.

Here are some tips as you go for the interview

1) You cannot take any electronic items such as MP3 player or mobile phone etc. You can take only the papers in a file and your purse or a small bag. Security will check all the things. When I went there, I saw security guys taking out torch and chewing gums. There is no place in the embassy to keep your valuable things. You can find more info here

2) Reach 10 minutes before your interview time, at the gate show your passport and interview appointment letter, after security check you go inside the hall. First you have to go to counter and they verify your application and take fingerprints of both of your hands. After that they you give the application form and passport in a pouch and send you to the queue for your interview.

3) As you go to meet Visa Officer, greet him/her.  Follow their directions. The first thing they need to know is the purpose of your travel. Be very clear on this and prepare yourself to convincingly answer the question. In this site, you can read the experiences of visa applicants and the questions Visa Officers normally ask. Keep your other documents like invitation letter etc in order to take it fast. The guy before me was rejected the visa, as he couldn’t find the document. Time is precious for the officer. If you are rejected, the officer may immediately return back the passport or sometimes gives you pink slip and ask you to answer the questions by email. Otherwise it means you got the visa and the visa stamped passport will be delivered through courier.

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