2 Easy Ways to Find Train Ticket Availability

Are you struggling to find available berths in train at IRCTC Indian Railway website? At IRCTC, you have to search for a specific day. So to find on which day the ticket is available is little difficult.However, IRCTC gives the option of finding the availability for next seven days.

Do you want to know the availability of berths for the next 90 days ticket in any train of any route ? Then go to Cleartrip train availability calendar. To find the available berths enter your stations and select any 15 days segment of 90 days and class of travel. You could see all the available seats and you can click it and book the ticket at Cleartrip. You can get the current availability of seats by refreshing. Even if you don’t see anything, just refresh to see the status.

At another site of Indian railways, check weekly availability of train tickets from major station for all classes here. You can check vacant berth for current date for the following trains even after departure of the train here.

2009 Shatabdi Express Mumbai Jn- Ahemedabad
2010 Shatabdi Express Ahemedabad – Mumbai Jn
2015 Ajmer Shatabdi New Delhi- Ajmer
2016 Ajmer Shatabdi Ajmer- New Delhi
2017 Dehradun Shatabdi New Delhi- Dehradun
2018 Dehradun Shatabdi Dehradun- New Delhi
2029 Swarna Shatabdi New Delhi- Amristar
2030 Swarna Shatabdi Amristar- New Delhi
2031 Amristar Shatabdi New Delhi- Amristar
2032 Amristar Shatabdi Amristar- New Delhi
2951 Jan Shatabdi Exp Mumbai- Madgaon
2952 Jan Shatabdi Exp Madgoan- Mumbai

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